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shipping costs

Our shipping costs depend on various factors.

  • -The size of the articles
  • -The weight of the items
  • -Country of destination

Shipping rates England

Postpakket < 30kg € 11,99
Half Pallet (60x80x220cm) € 211,75
Whole pallet (80x120x220cm) € 211,75
Oversized Pallet (220x120x100) € 211,75

Orders from 30 kg.

Within Europe, we ship all our orders above 30 Kilograms via a carrier that specializes in transporting heavier and larger items. Our carrier will deliver orders on the following days we have set: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Pay attention!

If you are not present and the goods can not be delivered, double shipping costs will be charged. Our carrier comes with a truck with tailgate. The carrier will drive the order to the place indicated by you, unless this due to circumstances (gravel path, thresholds, unpaved road, etc.) not possible. In case of damage to the order at delivery, it must be stated on the consignment note at all times. If this is not done we can not deal with this damage.

Shipping rates Other Countries (Postal package shipment) < 30kg

CountryShipping costs
Austria€ 11,95
Bosnia & Herzegovina€ 39,95
Bulgaria€ 39,95
Croatia€ 39,95
Cyprus€ 60,50
Czech Republic€ 29,95
Denmark€ 11,95
Estonia€ 39,95
Finland€ 20,95
Greece€ 49,91
Hungary€ 39,95
Ireland€ 26,95
Italy€ 17,95
Latvia€ 39,95
Liechtenstein€ 17,94
Lithuania€ 39,95
Luxemburg€ 11,95
Malta€ 36,30
Norway€ 46,90
Poland€ 29,95
Portugal€ 29,95
Romania€ 29,95
Slovakia€ 16,94
Slovenia€ 39,95
Spain€ 16,95
Sweden€ 16,95
Ukraine€ 96,80
United Kingdom€ 11,99