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HBM Barrel Pump For AdBlue and Water Base Liquids

Manual pump adblue, ammonia and liquid fertilizers. Manual pump, suitable for AdBlue, ammonia and various liquid fertilizers in the agricultural industry. Made from Nylon, with EPDM seals. Delivered with telescopic suction rod, suitable for 60 or 200 liter drums. Supplied with flexible drain hose, for filling the tank or smaller containers. Scope of application. For use with AdBlue, water-based media, cleaning agents, soaps, windscreen washer fluid, hydraulic oils, herbicides and pesticides Consists of: Pump. Adjustable suction tube from 98 to 120 cm. for use with barrels of 50 - 205 liters. Flexible, ribbed 3/4 "drain hose of 2 Meter. Properties. Siphon pump. A vent cap is mounted on the pump outlet that interrupts the siphon effect when loosening. Wet components polyacetal, polypropylene, polyethylene, and vitron. Technical information. Flow rate per stroke: 320 cc Weight: 1300 Grams Note: these pumps may not be used for pumping fuels, solvent thinners, etc.

€ 32,95 € 29,95 (inc. 21% VAT)

HBM Electric Liquid Pump, Lever Pump Including Batteries.

For pumping liquids without spilling. Due to the slim suction tube almost suitable for every jerry can. This electric siphon pump is suitable for transferring all kinds of liquid such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, water and many other non-corrosive liquids. In a few quick steps you can prepare your vehicle for winter storage or transfer liquids from machine to machine. Works on 2 R20 (D) batteries. Technical data of the HBM Electric Liquid Pump, Lever Pump Including Batteries. Material Plastic. Color Blue / Black. Dimensions hand pump 630 x 60 mm. Voltage 1.5 Volt Capacity 560 liters / hour Battery type R20P 1.5 Volt. Capacity on 1 set of 3600 liters batteries. Other specifications. Delivered including batteries. (2 x R20P 1.5 Volt.) On / Off button for easy operation. Easy to operate. Can be used for almost any liquid. May not be used for drinking water and corrosive liquids. Equipped with hanging eye.

€ 10,73 € 7,95 (inc. 21% VAT)

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