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HBM duo soda blast kettle

HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
HBM duo soda blast kettle
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  • Description

  • Technical data of the HBM Duo Soda blast boiler

  • Content 2 x 37 liters.
  • Length of the hose 2.5 m.
  • Workload 4 - 9 Bar.
  • Air consumption 170-500 L / min.
  • Packaging dimensions 76 x 73 x 38 cm.
  • Weight 36 kg.
  • Other specifications.

    • With this double sandblaster you can easily remove rust and paint residues. The device is equipped with a specially designed mixer to quickly and directly switch from soda to abrasive and back. But it is also possible to use both at the same time for more effective operation.
    • With this dual media blasting kettle you can change soda and more aggressive abrasives such as Corund (aluminum oxide) or ground glass in no time. You can also make a mix of the abrasives in both tanks yourself.
    • With this boiler you get an ideal machine at home, with the special mixing valve you can easily and without damage to paint stripping paint on steel, stainless steel, chrome, aluminum or polyester. Where necessary, you can add a more aggressive abrasive or switch over to it completely so that you can check all surfaces in a clean and abrasive manner without having to stop blasting.
    • Delivery includes extra nozzle set and moisture separator.
    • The capacity of the boilers is 2 x approximately 37 liters, the length of the hose is 2.5 meters.
    • The operating pressure is between 4 and 9 BAR, Air consumed between 170 and 500 liters / minute.
    • The boiler is supplied complete, including a hopper and a protective cap.
    • Explanation of soda rays.
    • Until recently, soda blasting, also known as bicarbonate blasting, became unreachable for most home hobbyists. With the HBM soda blast kettle this is now possible for everyone, you can now blast soda at home !!
    • Soda blasting is soft enough to strip paint, it does not affect glass or chrome. Soda blasting can also be used to clean engine parts, degrease parts, remove grafitti, remove mold, damage caused by fire.
    • Degreasing of complex mechanical parts such as engines, transmissions, carburetors or even entire engine compartments usually requires the use of a solvent, degreaser, brushing and or high pressure cleaning. These methods can be messy and time-consuming.
    • There is another alternative that is rapidly growing in popularity in the form of soda blasting using bicarbonate. The technology was developed fairly recently in the mid-80s for cleaning the Statue of Liberty in the United States, on the inside and outside, this was a delicate task for which a process was developed that did not damage the surface.
    • This method is also particularly suitable for removing grease, scale, carbon, fuel residues, paint and coatings quickly and without affecting the substrate.
    • This without damaging parts with a fit, gaskets, wiring and electrical components. It is completely harmless on aluminum components such as pistons and manifolds. When we steal an aluminum soda can it even looks like it has never been coated.
    • HBM now offers the advantage of lightweight and portable equipment that is easy to operate, for DIY applications but also for professional use.
    • Perhaps the best feature of soda is the fact that it is completely inert and water-soluble, which saves a lot of time cleaning up.
    • Soda blasting can be used for many applications. It is widely used in car restoration for stripping paints and varnishes from metal and fiberglass bodies while frames, glass and rubbers can remain without damaging them.
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