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Rustyco rust dissolver

Rustyco rust dissolver
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  • Description

  • For more information see the demonstration video.

  • This only takes 2 minutes and 22 seconds and gives a very clear explanation
  • regarding the uses and operation of this product.
  • Technical data of the Rustyco Rust Solver.

  • Rustyco rust killer is a unique rust remover. Rust is 100% removed in all
  • seams and cracks, unlike other products that
  • forming a layer on the rusty surface.
  • Rustyco removes rust from steel, stainless steel and most ferrous metals and
  • provides the metal with a rust-resistant layer.
  • The adhesion of primer and paint systems is excellent, no containment of, for example, blasting grit.
  • Rustyco does not affect the mother material and is harmless
  • for paint, plastic, out, rubber, chrome etc.
  • The product is available in a liquid concentrate and a
  • gel, the choice depends on the application.
  • If a product can be immersed in a container or bucket
  • use the liquid version.
  • Gel is used on objects that are only rubbed with a brush
  • can be like the inside of the car door.
  • You can mix 500 ml of concentrate in 10 liters of water.
  • The solution can be used several times, is non-toxic or flammable,
  • no hazardous fumes and biodegradable.
  • Article number: 662-E

    Note: Import Taxes and Duties still need to be paid for shipments to Norway, Switzerland

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