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HBM Hydrophore pump 1000W 3200 L/h

HBM Hydrophore pump 1000W 3200 L/h
HBM Hydrophore pump 1000W 3200 L/h
HBM Hydrophore pump 1000W 3200 L/h
HBM Hydrophore pump 1000W 3200 L/h
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Do you have too little pressure on the water pipe and are you showering under a weak stream? Or do you suffer from the loss of water pressure on the top floor when a tap is turned on on the ground floor? Then the HBM Hydrophore Pump 1000W 3200 L/h is the solution! But also for the proper functioning of a pissior in your home, this pressurized water system is a surefire purchase. This pressurized water pump increases the water pressure and keeps the water pressure constant! The water pressure is kept constant by means of a pressure tank (with internal rubber bellows). The water pressure can be read on the manometer and can be regulated by means of a tap. The input of the booster pump is connected to the cold water pipe. The outlet is connected to the house's water pipes. This water pressure booster has a capacity of 3200 liters of water per hour. So that indicates that you could theoretically fill 16 full bathtubs in an hour with this pump. This also gives an impression of the pressure gain that this pump delivers, because at normal water pressure, filling a bath takes more than ten minutes. With this pump, that is less than 4 minutes (with sufficiently thick water pipes).

Technical data of the HBM Pressurized Water Pump 1000W 3200 L/h:

  • Power: 1000 Watts
  • Number of liters per hour: 3200
  • Tank capacity: 19 litres
  • Max depth: 8 meters
  • Max length: 44 meters
  • Max water temperature: 35 degrees

Article number: 14429-E

Note: Import Taxes and Duties still need to be paid for shipments to Norway, Switzerland

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