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HBM 3-piece set Hoonstones

HBM 3-piece set Hoonstones

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  • HBM 3 Piece Set Hoonstones 28.8 mm € 5,49
  • HBM 3 Piece Set Hoonstones 50 mm € 8,24
  • HBM 3 Piece Set Hoonstones 100 mm out of stock
  • Description

  • Technical data of the HBM 3 Piece Set Hoon stones

  • To be used in combination with a 3-arm honing device.
  • The HBM hearing aids can be used in electric or pneumatic drills and milling machines.
  • Adjustable working pressure.
  • The specially shaped guide arms precisely press the honing stones
  • and equivalent to the cylinder wall.
  • The stones must make light contact with the wall during honing.
  • Only scorn if the stones are completely in the cylinder.
  • Make light vertical movements during honing for a diamond-shaped pattern
  • and better piston lubrication.
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