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HBM 3-piece set Hoonstones

HBM 3-piece set Hoonstones

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  • HBM 3 Piece Set Hoonstones 28.8 mm € 4,99
  • HBM 3 Piece Set Hoonstones 50 mm € 7,49
  • HBM 3 Piece Set Hoonstones 100 mm € 9,99
  • Description

Technical data of the HBM 3 Piece Set Hoon stones

To be used in combination with a 3-arm honing device.
The HBM hearing aids can be used in electric or pneumatic drills and milling machines.
Adjustable working pressure.
The specially shaped guide arms precisely press the honing stones
and equivalent to the cylinder wall.
The stones must make light contact with the wall during honing.
Only scorn if the stones are completely in the cylinder.
Make light vertical movements during honing for a diamond-shaped pattern
and better piston lubrication.

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