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HBM 1/4 "Torque wrench 5-25 NM

HBM 1/4 "Torque wrench 5-25 NM

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  • Description

The torque wrench 1/4 "intake 5-25 Nm is perfect for tinkering with engine blocks and bicycles. The compact size and the anti-slip pattern make the torque wrench comfortable to hold. This allows you to tinker for a long time. "recording and is switchable at the top of the ratchet head. The torque wrench has a range of 5-25 Nm and is easy to adjust by turning the handle. The set moment is easy to fix using the fixation screw. This way you are always assured of the right torque! When you have finished your work, turn the handle all the way back so that the spring is relieved. Always relax the torque wrench after use so that it remains accurate. The torque wrench is ideal for precision mechanical jobs, such as jobs on (motor) bicycles, screw connections in polyester or fragile threads in aluminum. In addition, the torque wrench is chromed and has an automatic turn-off with click signal. Very handy! The torque wrench is supplied in a sturdy plastic storage cassette. Furthermore, the torque wrench is of good quality, giving you years of enjoyment!

  • Technical data of the HBM 1/4 "Torque wrench 5-25 NM.

  • Range From 5 to 25 NM.
  • Recording 1/4 "
  • Total length 270 mm.
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