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Dreumex 4.2KG Packaging

Dreumex 4.2KG Packaging

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  • Dreumex Special 4.2KG € 22,95
  • Dreumex Plus 4.5KG € 27,49
  • Dreumex Classic 4.5KG € 22,95
  • Description

  • Technical data of the Dreumex Special 4.2KG.

  • Suitable hand cleaner for medium to heavy industrial contaminants, such as lubricants, diesel, brake fluid, cement and rust. Particularly suitable for use in the automotive, construction, metal, and the like.
  • The buying of Dreumex 4.2KG Packaging is extremely easy with Toolsidee. You only need the product Dreumex 4.2KG Packaging add to the shopping cart and then click on checkout. All our products have a minimum factory warranty of 1 year (unless stated otherwise above). Do you have questions about the Dreumex 4.2KG Packaging then it is always possible to e-mail us or call us. You can do this via our contact page. On this page you will also find information about sending back Dreumex 4.2KG Packaging.

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