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HBM 475 Piece Assortment Upholstery Clips For Mazda

HBM 475 Piece Assortment Upholstery Clips For Mazda

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We have a large assortment of special upholstery clips or other special mounting clips for dashboard, interior, engine compartment or trunk space.
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Technical data of the HBM 475 Piece Assortment Upholstery Clips For Mazda

  • 20x Covering Clips OEM 2042301
  • 25x Covering Clips OEM 999100402
  • 20x Covering Clips OEM B0016830200
  • 25x Covering Clips OEM N30413356A
  • 5x Covering Clips OEM BF6750033
  • 40x Covering Clips OEM 992640543A
  • 20x Covering Clips OEM 992780405
  • 20x Covering Clips OEM 992780404
  • 50x Covering Clips OEM 99249051B
  • 30x Covering Clips OEM 6508197AA
  • 5x Covering Clips OEM BF8250233
  • 20x Covering Clips OEM B1016825200
  • 15x Covering Clips OEM B09251833
  • 50x Covering Clips OEM 992640543A
  • 50x Covering Clips OEM B45556741
  • 50x Covering Clips OEM G03158762
  • 15x Covering Clips OEM BC1DSA145
  • 15x Covering Clips OEM 9046709139

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