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Heuer - Brockhaus lifts

Heuer - Brockhaus lifts

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  • Heuer - Brockhaus 100 mm. Elevator € 197,99
  • Heuer - Brockhaus 120 mm. Elevator € 197,99
  • Heuer - Brockhaus 140 mm. Elevator € 197,99
  • Heuer - Brockhaus 150, 180 mm. Elevator € 197,99
  • Description

This height-adjustable HEUER Lift for the HEUER vice is a perfect extension for ergonomic work. No matter how different the physique of the bench worker, the shape of workpieces and the machining methods may be, with the HEUER Lift you can effortlessly adjust the vice to the working position that is comfortable for you. The adjustment of the vice to the height of the body is especially important for students who are trained in workshops and at technical schools. This is because it prevents serious injury caused by a long-term incorrect posture during the growth phase of a person. For a multitude of activities where a vice is used, the HEUER Lift height adjuster ensures considerably better working conditions. The vice can be adjusted effortlessly, safely and with a stepless range of up to 200 mm in height and can be turned 360 ° simultaneously. A gas pressure spring, which is adjusted to the individual weight of the different sizes of vice, makes the vice virtually weightless. As a result, it can therefore be brought to the desired working position with a minimum of effort.

  • Other specifications.

    • The heart to heart sizes of item 104200 are 55 mm x 75 mm.
    • The heart to heart sizes of item 104220 are 75 mm x 100 mm.
    • The heart to heart sizes of item 104240 are 95 mm x 120 mm.
    • The heart to heart sizes of item 104260 are 120 mm x 140 mm.
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